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ProFirm Korean Soluble Protein Thread

ProFirm Korean Soluble Protein Thread

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Let’s hear it from our satisfied customers!

“I’m so happy with the result of this product! I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and already my skin has become more refreshed! The fine lines and dark circles around my eyes are reduced and it’s really helped with some of my wrinkles that I had on my face. It feels like I’m getting a mini-facial every day!”

Jemma Davis, 54, Renton, Washington

"I'm in my early 50s and the dark circles, wrinkles and saggy skin are uncontrollable over the last ten years. Then, as part of a new skincare regime, I tried ProFirm Korean Protein Thread to target these issues. The results were amazing after 3 weeks! Wrinkles and fine lines are diminished and also love how this moisturized and softened my skin. This product really delivered exceptional result!

Linda Keene, Norfolk, Virginia

How does Protein Thread work? 

Protein Thread is a thread made from a special kind of absorbable protein that which includes hydrolyzed collagen, it helps lift fine lines on the face and level out uneven skin. It improves saggy and uneven skin by promoting skin relaxation and collagen production.

Protein is essential for generating healthy skin. The collagen and amino acids found in protein help maintain skin's elasticity and firmness. Consists of 20 amino acids that boosts the production of collagen.

Works with any Serum or Essence!

These soluble protein threads are compatible with any serum or essence that you already own. It helps enhance and maximize the effects of your favorite essence or serum by allowing it to penetrate deeper with the help of protein!

An incredible alternative to costly spa visits. It's a convenient and effective way to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin without any operation or surgeries!

Consists of Two Powerful Ingredients for a healthier younger skin:


Hydrolyzed Collagen - is low molecular weight protein has been widely utilized due to its excellent biocompatibility, easy biodegradability, and weak antigenicity. It is a safe cosmetic biomaterial with good moisturizing properties on the skin.

Hydrolyzed silkPromotes elasticity and a smooth complexion. When used in skincare products, hydrolyzed silk protein helps the skin's water barrier to retain moisture. It also provides a radiant glow.

Here is Michelle’s 14-day Skin firming journey with ProFirm Korean Soluble Protein Thread

I used to have dark eye bags and fine lines around my eyes. With this ProFirm Protein Thread, I was able to lighten the dark circles and I can feel its firming effect on my skin in my 1st day of use! With continued use, I was able to improve the hydration my skin. Fine lines and dark under eyes were also improved after 7 days!

My skin brightened up and looks very hydrated. My fine lines and crow’s eyes have completely disappeared! The continuous hydration really helped eliminate those signs of aging. I feel much younger and I love what I see in the mirror all the time now! Great product! I love it! – Michelle Stevens, 45, Killeen, Texas

What makes Protein Thread amazing for the Skin:

  • Dissolves into rich nutrients and protein deep into the skin
  • Resolves wrinkles and uneven skin surface
  • Boosts skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Improves blood circulation and flow
  • Promotes and stimulates production of collagen in skin
  • Provides anti-aging, moisturizing, and healing effects to the skin
  • Smooths fine lines and tightens skin

How to Use

  1. Wash your face thoroughly
  2. Apply the protein thread onto desired area and spray with water of your favorite essence of serum.
  3. Wait for the thread to fully dissolve and massage it into your skin until fully absorbed


  • Ingredients: Protein, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Silk
  • Variants: 1 box, 2 boxes, 4 boxes, 10 boxes
  • Each protein thread is 10cm in length - Total 60pcs (5 x 12 pcs)

Package Includes

  • ProFirm Korean Soluble Protein Thread

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